Travel Box: Age 8+

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Travel Boxes are packed with clever activities that inspire big kids to unplug and play.

Tweens will stay engaged with challenging brainteasers, creative doodle books, silly games and more. Penguino Travel Boxes make it fun for kids to learn about people and places around the world!

Your Travel Box will come with a curated selection of activities we know your kids will love, packed and ready for a trip!

  • Penguino with a Passport
  • Colored pencils or gel pens
  • Activity book
  • Craft or coloring book
  • Brain teaser, game or building toy
  • Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty
  • A few small surprises

All Travel Boxes come with a reusable zipper pouch featuring Penguino's exclusive city print. The Travel Pouch makes it easy to keep toys, crayons, stickers and more organized on-the-go.

Penguino Travel Boxes are filled with creative activities that will teach kids about animals, science, people and places around the world. We offer parents the option to choose a Travel Box made for girls or boys. Boxes for girls may include fashion, fairy and princess activities. Boxes for boys may include pirate, knight and robot activities.

Everything in our Travel Boxes is TSA-friendly. No need to worry about taking anything out of your child's backpack at security!

This Travel Box includes small toys that could be a choking hazard. Please use common sense and supervise your babies and toddlers when playing with our Travel Boxes.


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