Plane Pal Cushion

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Flying with more than one child? Add an extra Plane Pal cushion to your Plane Pal Kit!

What is the Plane Pal?

Plane Pal is Australia's favorite family travel accessory! Designed by an adventurous mom of three, Plane Pal makes it easy for kids to play and sleep on a long flight. 

This inflatable cushion is designed to fill the space between your child’s seat and the seat in front. Plane Pal creates a flat space where your child can stretch their legs to sleep or play. The Plane Pal is life-changing for families traveling overseas!

Plane Pal is lightweight, compact and easy to inflate. The Full Kit comes with a pillow, a pump and a carry bag. Families traveling with more than one child can add-on additional pillows.

Penguino Travel is the only place you can buy Plane Pal in the United States!

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