Share our love for travel? Want to inspire families to go on life-changing adventures?

We’re launching an Influencer Program – with lots of perks – to make it easy to share Penguino with your friends and followers.

The Perks

  • Earn 6% to 10% commission on every sale you refer
  • Get a promo code to share with your friends and followers
  • Enjoy generous discounts on Travel Boxes and more
  • Be featured on our website, social media and email newsletter – including fun giveaways
  • Collaborate with us to curate and create products that make travel fun, relaxing and inspiring

Who can join?

Our Influencer Program is open to anyone who wants to inspire their friends and followers to travel – and to share Penguino!

“I am so inspired by the moms and dads I follow on Instagram who have made adventure a family value! I share your love for travel and I want to empower you to take your kids everywhere. My dream is to make it easy for you to earn an income, discover new places and connect with likeminded families. Together we can help more kids grow up with the opportunity to discover people and places around the world!”


Influencer Survey

As we launch the beta of our Influencer Program, we also want to gather feedback. Your ideas will help us design a model that meets your needs - while also inspiring more families to travel the world. Tell us what you think!