About Penguino Travel

Parents want their children to grow up with an awareness of people and places around the world. Moms and dads across the globe believe it’s very important for their kids to travel internationally and experience diverse cultures.

While parents want to give their kids these life-changing experiences, it is not easy! Busy families face many challenges, from finding family-friendly accommodation to keeping kids busy on an airplane to balancing everyone’s needs at their destination. And very few companies are focused on meeting these families’ needs!

At Penguino Travel, we are focused on understanding the unique challenges parents face when traveling adventurously with children, including planning, packing, getting there and making the most of the travel experience.

"Parents want their children to travel internationally to experience diverse cultures. They believe travel will give their kids perspective and shape their purpose. I want to make it easier for moms and dads to make this happen. My mission is to empower families to go on life-changing adventures!" Sara, Founder of Penguino Travel

What We Do

We’re using technology to make it easier for families to travel with kids! We want to give moms and dads the confidence to take their families on life-changing adventurous across the country and around the world.

Last year, we launched our online shop specializing in family travel. To help parents pack for a trip – and to make flying fun for everyone – we developed the Penguino Travel Box, an activity kit for kids on-the-go ages 3 to 12. Travel Boxes include everything parents need to keep kids from feeling hungry, tired and bored. We’re always looking for opportunities to improve our Travel Boxes and to grow our collection!

What’s Next

Penguino Travel is building a peer-to-peer platform that connects families who want to travel to a new place with families who live or have experience traveling there.

This technology will allow these local family travel experts to curate their favorite places to stay, foods to eat and things to do, making it fast and easy to create personalized travel itineraries for families. Itineraries will include recommendations for accommodations, restaurants and activities plus practical information to keep kids safe and healthy.

Parents who plan their trips through Penguino will travel confidently knowing what to expect, how to make the most of their time and money, and how to have a fun, relaxing and life-changing experience.