Penguino Travel empowers families to go on life-changing adventures together.

Families believe travel matters. Travel is an opportunity for parents and kids to relax, connect and have fun together. It’s also an incredible way to connect kids to the world.

Today, parents want their children to grow up with an awareness of people and places around the world. Moms and dads across the globe believe it’s important for kids to travel internationally. These families are looking for authentic, adventurous experiences.

While parents want to give their kids these life-changing experiences, it is not easy.

If you ask a parent about their experiences traveling with kids, chances are they will have a story to share! We have all come home needing a vacation from our vacation.

Busy families face many challenges, from finding family-friendly accommodation to keeping kids busy on an airplane to balancing everyone’s needs at their destination. Parents end up spending 30+ hours researching online to plan a one-week vacation!

Penguino is here to help.

While family travel is not always easy, we believe it’s worth it. As a business, we understand the challenges parents face when they travel. We build technology to provide personalized products and services that meet these families’ needs.

how penguino travel works


We connect families who want to travel to a new place with local parents we call Guides. Guides share their insider knowledge and get paid to plan trips. Parents who plan a trip with Penguino get a personalized itinerary with tips on where to stay, what to do and how to have a great trip.


We sell a curated collection of travel gear and activities that make travel simple for families. Our bestselling product is the Penguino Travel Box – an activity kit that makes getting there fun for curious kids and relaxing for their grown-ups.


Moms and dads to feel confident taking their families on life-changing adventures across the country and around the world – and we want their kids to grow up with their perspective and purpose shaped by these adventures.